Reproduction permissions and fees

Photocopies: Photocopy fees are .25/page for black & white, $1.00/page for color. For mail orders there is a $5.00 handling and postage charge.

We reserve the right to deny photocopying of material if we judge it too fragile or because it would violate U.S. copyright law, HIPAA, or other statutes. Archives & Special Collections reserves the right to add an additional fee for unusually large or difficult photocopy requests.

Photographic Reproductions: We no longer have the capacity to provide actual photographic prints to researchers. Digital reproductions can be done in-house and will usually be less expensive and have a faster turn-around time.

Digital Reproductions:

Source Document Columbia/NYPH* Non-Columbia
  • 4x5 b&w negative
  • 4x5 transparency
  • 35mm slide
  • photographic print 
    (8x10 or smaller)
$10 $20
  • book, manuscript, drawing, etc
$10 per page $20 per page
  • copy of existing file
$5 $15

*Does not include Weill-Cornell students or faculty

There is a $5 handling fee for all orders. Scanning is done at 600 dpi and TIFF is the default file format; researchers must indicate alternate formats, if desired. Delivery will be made via email, or a computer file transfer system (WeTransfer, Drop Box, etc.).  Patrons who request delivery on CDs sent via US mail should expect additional charges.

Turn-around time is 1-5 days depending on size and complexity of the order and the department's workload. Expedited orders are possible for an additional fee to be negotiated.


Publication Policy & Fees 

To arrange for the publication of materials held by Archives & Special Collections, a request-to-publish letter must be sent to the Head of the department. This letter must contain the following:

  • Information about the forthcoming publication, including format - print, audio-visual or electronic/digital - title, expected date of publication, and name of author
  • Name and contact information of publisher
  • Information about the item(s) to be published, including name of author or creator, name of collection, date of creation, and page or item numbers, where available.

The letter will be acknowledged by Archives & Special Collections with a copy of the department's Permission to Publish form which must be completed and returned with the permission fee. 

The following fees are for non-University users. All permission is for non-exclusive, world-wide rights for a single edition in a single format and a single language for five years. Fees for reuse, or for use in other editions or media, must be negotiated separately and in writing. Permission is for physical rights to the material; users may have to negotiate copyright separately with the copyright holder. Non-profit entities should be prepared to show proof of non-profit status. 

Reduced fees may be negotiated in cases of extensive use of Archives and Special Collections materials. 

All items published must be identified as being from "Archives & Special Collections, Health Sciences Library, Columbia University." 

All fees are per image. Payment must be received in advance of publication

Still Images

Books and Periodicals  
Dissertations & Theses $0

Academic & Non-Profit (501c3) Presses: 

  • Print run up to 5,000 (if greater than 5,000 commericial rates apply)
  • Print Run up to 5,000
  • Print Run 5,001 +
Advertising Brochures, Promotional Materials, Dust Jackets, Album Covers  
Academic & Non-Profit (501c3) Presses:
  • Print run up to 5,000 (if greater than 5,000 commericial rates apply)
  • Print run up to 5,000
  • Print run 5,001+
Electronic Publications  
Same as for print publications, including additional fees for use on cover or packaging  
Dissertations & Theses $0
Academic & Non-Profit (501c3) $25 per image
Personal Use $50 per image
All other $100 per image
  Up to 1 year Permanent Exhibit
  • Academic & Non-Profit (501c3)
  • Commercial
Use in brochure or publicity material:    
  • Academic & Non-Profit (501c3)
  • Commercial
Use in catalog or poster:    
Same as fee schedule for books and periodicals    
Television, Cable, Satellite Broadcast  
Local $100
National $125
Worldwide $200
Feature Films, Videos  
Commercial Film


Educational/Non-theatrical $50

Moving Images

$250 per image, per minute, per medium. After one (1) minute, time is pro-rated in 15 second intervals at $67.50 per quarter minute. Minimum payment $250. 

Arrangements for filming within individual libraries must be made in advance and may involve a fee to cover staff time.

Onsite Commercial Filming

For charges and procedures contact the Manager of Special Events and Commercial Filming at:

B-230 East Campus
Columbia University
410 West 118th Street, Mail Code 3413
New York, NY 10027
Ph: (212) 854 - 8607
Fax: (212) 854 - 1955


Publication fees for images or excerpts are waived for current Columbia University faculty, staff members and students. If a whole or nearly whole work is to be published or if more than 40 illustrations are required, a royalty arrangement should be negotiated

Method of Payment

Invoices wil be sent with the Permission to Publish form. The following methods of payment may be used:

  1. Checks drawn on American banks or on branches on foreign banks located in the United States and payable in U.S. dollars to Columbia University.
  2. Credit cards: MasterCharge or Visa, only. Please call us with card number, name as it appears on the card, and expiration date.