Personal Papers and Manuscripts

Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Norman Jolliffe papers Norman Jolliffe, 1901-1961. 1892-1963 (bulk 1935-1961)
Julius Kaunitz papers Julius Kaunitz, 1882-1979 1918, 1930-1977
Patricia Hayes Keough photograph album Patricia Hayes Keough 1943-1946
Mathilde Krim papers Krim, Mathilde circa 1948-2016
Albert Richard Lamb papers Albert Richard Lamb, 1881-1959. 1908-1957
William S. Langford papers William S. Langford, 1906-1976. 1935-1971.
John Kingsley Lattimer papers John Kingsley Lattimer, 1914-2007 1931-1996
Medwin Leale papers Medwin Leale, 1873-1934 1880-1925
Joseph M. Leavitt papers Joseph M. Leavitt, 1915-1999 1939-1999
Frederic Schiller Lee papers Frederic Schiller Lee, 1859-1939. 1867-1933 (bulk 1909-1930)
Order book for clinical lectures on diseases of the throat and nose George Morewood Lefferts, 1846-1920. 1903
Maurice Lenz papers Maurice Lenz, 1890-1974. 1902-1977 (bulk, 1917-1970)
Eugene P. Link papers Eugene P. Link, 1907- 1945-1992 (bulk 1970-1972)
Longitudinal Harlem Adolescent Health Study records Longitudinal Harlem Adolescent Health Study 1967-1999.
Irwin D. Mandel papers Irwin D. Mandel, 1922-2011. 1960-2002 (bulk 1980-1998)
Maternity Center Association (New York, N.Y.) records Maternity Center Association 1907-2010 (bulk 1918-1995)
Charles H. May papers Charles Henry May, 1861-1943. 1883-1966 (bulk 1908-1965)
Michael R. McGarvey papers Michael R. McGarvey 1930s-2009
Rustin McIntosh papers Rustin McIntosh, 1894-1986. 1917-1986
Rustin McIntosh papers Rustin McIntosh, 1894-1986. 1932-1974.
Medical student notebook manuscript 1850-1851
George R. Merriam, Jr. papers George R. Merriam, Jr., 1913-2004. 1937-1946
H. Houston Merritt papers H. Houston (Hiram Houston) Merritt, 1902-1979. 1917-1979
Karl Meyer papers Karl Meyer, 1899-1990. 1932-1992 (bulk 1947-1990)
Edward Miller papers Edward Miller, 1760-1812 1791-1812, 1914
Joseph Didier Montmarquet student notebooks Joseph Didier Montmarquet, 1860-1906 1887-1889.
Gabriel G. Nahas papers Gabriel Georges Nahas, 1920-2012 1947-2002 (bulk 1962-2002)
David M. Natanson papers David M. Natanson, d. 1966. 1906-1964 (bulk 1910-1914)
Carl T. Nelson dermatology notebook Carl T. Nelson 1946-1952
Marvin Kaufmann Opler papers Marvin Kaufmann Opler, 1914-1981. 1915-1979.
Samuel Torrey Orton and June Lyday Orton case files Samuel Torrey Orton, 1879-1948 and June Lyday Orton, 1898-1977 1925-1977.
Samuel Torrey Orton and June Lyday Orton papers Samuel Torrey Orton, 1879-1948 and June Lyday Orton, 1898-1977 1901-1977.
Walter W. Palmer Collection of Medical Education Reprints Walter Walker Palmer, 1882- 1906-1950.
Papers on the U.S. President's Committee on Health Education Clarence E. Pearson 1969-1978 (bulk 1971-1973)
Peking Union Medical College Postgraduate Course in Surgery notes Peking Union Medical College 1923-1924
Anne Penland papers Anne Penland, 1885-1976 1852, 1914-1973
Ethel Spector Person papers Ethel Spector Person 1932-2009
Pharmacist's prescription record book 1887-1888
Pharmacy of St. Paul record book 1588-1615
J. Lawrence Pool papers J. Lawrence (James Lawrence) Pool, 1906-2004. 1813-2002
John L. Pool papers John L. Pool, 1907-2005 1940-1978
Facts - fantasy - faces in the life of Howard W. Potter: typescript Howard Potter, 1892-1984 1986
History of social work at Presbyterian Hospital Elizabeth R. Prichard, 1915-2004. 1904-1980
Almira F. Quinby letters Almira F. Quinby, 1828-1909 1863-1865
Dorothy E. Reilly papers Dorothy E. Reilly, 1920-1996 1943, 1958-1992
Strawberries, chocolate, tea & toast 1917-1919: from the journals of Florence Augusta Reimann Manning, Lois R. and Joseph S. [compilers] 1994
Dickinson W. Richards papers Dickinson W. Richards 1916-1973
Samuel A. Richardson papers Samuel A. Richardson, 1830-1884 1856-1865
Henry Alsop Riley papers Henry Alsop Riley, 1887-1966. 1908-1963 (bulk, 1928-1962)
Rudolph N. Schullinger penicillin papers Rudolph N. Schullinger, 1896-1969 1942-1957


As part of its mission to document the history of the health sciences both generally and at Columbia University, Archives & Special Collections actively collects the personal papers of those men and women who have had distinguished careers in medicine, nursing, dentistry or public health. We also acquire individual manuscripts, such as letters, student notebooks, or physician's casebooks, if they have some connection with Columbia University, the Presbyterian Hospital, or New York.

Personal papers and manuscripts date from the 16th century to the present with the bulk being from the last century. The majority are from physicians and biomedical scientists associated with Columbia including Nobel Laureates André Cournand and Dickinson Richards; plastic surgery pioneer and historian of medicine Jerome P. Webster; community psychiatrist and social activist Viola Bernard; dental education reformer William Gies; early dyslexia researchers Samuel and June Lyday Orton; and physiologist Frederic Schiller Lee, among many others.

Of particular interest is the Student Notebook Collection which holds about 150 volumes created by more than 40 individuals from 1786 into the 1950s. The vast majority of these notebooks document medical education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, with the major exception being John Kearney Rodgers's notes from his studies with Sir Astley Cooper and John Abernethy in London in 1817-1818.

Other highlights include a 16th century record book from the Pharmacy of St. Paul in Bologna; several letters of Sigmund Freud and part of his autograph draft for Totem und Tabu; and 19th century patient casebooks from Presbyterian, Bellevue and several other New York City hospitals.

Records of most manuscript collections are included in CLIO, the library's catalog.