Personal Papers and Manuscripts

Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Second General Hospital collection Second General Hospital 1942-1952
E.C. Seguin estate records E.C (Edward Constant) Seguin, b. 1843 1898
Aura E. Severinghaus papers Aura E. (Aura Edward) Severinghaus, 1894-1979 1910-1979
Howard B. Shookhoff papers Howard B. Shookhoff, 1910-1977 1943-1977
Margarita Silva-Hutner Medical Mycology Laboratory collection Margarita Silva-Hutner, 1915-2002 1929-1996 (bulk 1948-1988)
William L. Simers daybook and scrapbook William L. Simers ca. 1798-1810
Anneliese Sitarz papers Sitarz, Anneliese, 1928-. 1950s-2008.
Harry Pratt Smith papers Harry Pratt Smith, 1895-1972 1941-1959 (bulk 1945-1954)
Arthur Purdy Stout papers Arthur Purdy Stout, 1885-1967 1885-1985
Mervyn Susser papers Mervyn Susser, 1921-2014 1907-2008
Leon E. Sutton autobiography Leon E. Sutton, 1894-1982 c.1975
Charles Fayette Taylor letters Charles Fayette Taylor, 1827-1899 1893, 1895-1898
History of the International Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction Howard C. (Howard Canning) Taylor, b. 1900 1953-1968 (bulk 1965-1968)
Howard Canning Taylor, Sr. papers Howard Canning Taylor, 1868-1949 1885-1920, 1936-1938 (bulk 1894-1912)
Garrit Terhune papers Garrit Terhune, 1801-1885 1825-1827, 1885
Walter Timme papers Walter Timme, 1874-1956 1907-1939, 1945-1947
Peter S. Townsend casebook Peter S. Townsend, 1796-1849 1817-1819
Peter S. Townsend daily register of medical and surgical practice Peter S. Townsend, 1796-1849 1847
Alfred C. Trull account book Alfred C. Trull, 1874-1962. 1909-1918
George Montgomery Tuttle casebooks George Montgomery Tuttle, 1856-1912 1895-1909
The Dooin's U.S. Base Hospital #2 (Presbyterian Hospital, New Yok, N.Y.), Étretat, France 1917-1918.
Satterlee General Hospital Order Books. United States. Satterlee General Hospital (West Philadelphia, Pa.) 1862-1864
Frederick Theodore Van Beuren military scrapbook Frederick Theodore Van Beuren, 1876-1943 1917, June - August.
Visiting Nurse Service of New York records Visiting Nurse Service of New York 1889-2007 (bulk 1893-1983)
Vivisection papers 1875-1932, 1947 (bulk, 1892-1909)
Vivisection scrapbooks 1908, 1910-14, 1920-21, 1923.
Arthur B. Voorhees, Jr., Papers Arthur B. Voorhees, Jr., 1921-1992 circa 1950-1991
Augustus B. Wadsworth papers Augustus B. Wadsworth, 1872-1954 1897-1916
Maya Riviere Ward papers Maya Riviere Ward, 1908-1989 1890-1991
Samuel C.G. Watkins scrapbooks Samuel C. G. Watkins, 1853-1942 1864-1937
Jerome P. Webster Collection of Plastic Surgery reprints Jerome Pierce Webster, 1888-1974 ca. 1907-ca. 1976. (bulk ca. 1920-1976)
Jerome Pierce Webster papers Jerome Pierce Webster, 1888-1974 1545-1975 (bulk 1928-1974)
Jerome Pierce Webster patient photographs Jerome Pierce Webster, 1888-1974 circa 1921-1970 (bulk 1940-1970)
Judy Wessler papers Judy Wessler 1955-2013
Maynard C. Wheeler papers Maynard C. Wheeler, 1903-1979 1903-1981
Allen Oldfather Whipple papers Allen Oldfather Whipple, 1881-1963 1912-2000 (bulk 1935-1964)
Elizabeth Wilcox photograph collection Wilcox, Elizabeth, 1916-2000 1950s-1990s
The first six hundred : typescript Anne K. Williams, d. 1944 [1920-1928]
Theodore F. Wolfe photograph collection Theodore F. (Theodore Frelinghuysen) Wolfe, 1847-1915 ca.1860s-1870s
Francis Carter Wood papers Wood, Francis Carter, 1869-1951 1900-1944
Robert M. Woolf plastic surgery case reports Woolf, Robert M. 1958-1959
Joe D. Wray papers Joe D. Wray, 1926-2006 1905-2003 (bulk 1959-2000)
Frederick A. Wurzbach notebooks Frederick A. Wurzbach, Jr., 1896-1970 1912-1918
Melvin D. Yahr L-dopa (Levo-dopa) case records Melvin D. Yahr, 1917-2004 ca. 1930-1945, ca. 1951-ca. 1985
History of U.S.A. General Hospital No. 1 (Columbia War Hospital), Gunhill Road and Bainbridge Avenue, New York City, prepared for the Surgeon General by Joseph C. Yaskin.../ History of Columbia War Hospital & data from July 1st, 1919 by William P. Herrick Joseph C. Yaskin 1919
Helen Young papers Helen Young, 1874-1966 1948-1975


As part of its mission to document the history of the health sciences both generally and at Columbia University, Archives & Special Collections actively collects the personal papers of those men and women who have had distinguished careers in medicine, nursing, dentistry or public health. We also acquire individual manuscripts, such as letters, student notebooks, or physician's casebooks, if they have some connection with Columbia University, the Presbyterian Hospital, or New York.

Personal papers and manuscripts date from the 16th century to the present with the bulk being from the last century. The majority are from physicians and biomedical scientists associated with Columbia including Nobel Laureates André Cournand and Dickinson Richards; plastic surgery pioneer and historian of medicine Jerome P. Webster; community psychiatrist and social activist Viola Bernard; dental education reformer William Gies; early dyslexia researchers Samuel and June Lyday Orton; and physiologist Frederic Schiller Lee, among many others.

Of particular interest is the Student Notebook Collection which holds about 150 volumes created by more than 40 individuals from 1786 into the 1950s. The vast majority of these notebooks document medical education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, with the major exception being John Kearney Rodgers's notes from his studies with Sir Astley Cooper and John Abernethy in London in 1817-1818.

Other highlights include a 16th century record book from the Pharmacy of St. Paul in Bologna; several letters of Sigmund Freud and part of his autograph draft for Totem und Tabu; and 19th century patient casebooks from Presbyterian, Bellevue and several other New York City hospitals.

Records of most manuscript collections are included in CLIO, the library's catalog.