Drawings (visual works)

School of Nursing/Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, 1892-
Innis Arden Cottage guest book Columbia University. School of Nursing 1935-1944
Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Bard Cosman plastic surgery case reports Bard Cosman, 1930-1983. 1960-1962.
Jean Ketcham Lominska Collection of Huntington Family papers Jean Ketcham Lominska, 1913-2010 1850-1985 (bulk 1858-1916).
George Huntington papers George Huntington, 1850-1916 1845-2000
Order book for clinical lectures on diseases of the throat and nose George Morewood Lefferts, 1846-1920. 1903
Maternity Center Association (New York, N.Y.) records Maternity Center Association 1907-2010 (bulk 1918-1995)
Jerome Pierce Webster papers Jerome Pierce Webster, 1888-1974 1545-1975 (bulk 1928-1974)