Medicine - Study and teaching - United States

Health Sciences Library
Student Notebook Collection Columbia University. Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library 1786-1964
Personal Papers and Manuscripts
John Green Curtis laboratory notebook John Green Curtis, 1844-1913. 1875-1885.
John Call Dalton lecture memoranda books John Call Dalton, 1825-1889. ca. 1875-1883.
Henry Hall Forbes papers Henry Hall Forbes, d. 1942 1886-1890.
Order book for clinical lectures on diseases of the throat and nose George Morewood Lefferts, 1846-1920. 1903
Walter W. Palmer Collection of Medical Education Reprints Walter Walker Palmer, 1882- 1906-1950.
Frederick A. Wurzbach notebooks Frederick A. Wurzbach, Jr., 1896-1970 1912-1918