Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Frederick Augustus Burrall notebook and diary Frederick Augustus Burrall, 1830-1908. 1868-1889.
Clement C. Clay papers Clement C. Clay, 1905-1978. 1917-1977 (bulk 1925-1970).
John Green Curtis laboratory notebook John Green Curtis, 1844-1913. 1875-1885.
Stanley T. Fortuine medical school notes Stanley T. Fortuine, 1887-1944 1912-1916
Victor Frühwald notebook and album Victor Frühwald, b. 1885. 1913-1930.
James Skelton Gilliam account book and notebook James Skelton Gilliam ca. 1786-1787.
Graham Family papers Graham family 1773-1825
Lowell Walter Gurnsey notebook Lowell Walter Gurnsey 1822-1839 (bulk 1822)
George Huntington papers George Huntington, 1850-1916 1845-2000
John Kingsley Lattimer papers John Kingsley Lattimer, 1914-2007 1931-1996
Medical student notebook manuscript 1850-1851
David M. Natanson papers David M. Natanson, d. 1966. 1906-1964 (bulk 1910-1914)
Margarita Silva-Hutner Medical Mycology Laboratory collection Margarita Silva-Hutner, 1915-2002 1929-1996 (bulk 1948-1988)
Health Sciences Library
Student Notebook Collection Columbia University. Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library 1786-1964