Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Hattie Alexander papers Hattie Elizabeth Alexander, 1901-1968 1939-1981
Dorothy H. Andersen papers Dorothy H. Andersen, 1901-1963 1930-1966
Andrew Syngrou Hospital photograph album Andrew Syngrou Hospital (Athens, Greece) ca. 1920s
Dana W. Atchley papers Dana W. Atchley, 1892-1982 1898-1969
Henrik Holt Bendixen papers Henrik H. (Henrik Holt) Bendixen, 1923-2004 1943-1998 (bulk 1957-1994)
Viola Wertheim Bernard papers Viola W Bernard, 1907-1998 1918-2000
John H. Bogle papers John Hamilton Bogle, 1906-1978. 1943-1946.
Charlotte Cowdrey Brown papers Charlotte Cowdrey Brown, 1872-1941 1894-1898
Clement C. Clay papers Clement C. Clay, 1905-1978. 1917-1977 (bulk 1925-1970).
Bard Cosman plastic surgery case reports Bard Cosman, 1930-1983. 1960-1962.
André F. Cournand papers André F. Cournand, 1895-1988 1927-1984 (bulk 1946-1981)
Earl T. Engle papers Earl T. (Earl Theron) Engle, 1896-1957 1896-1970 (bulk 1922-1930)
Barbara Tanis Fetzer photograph album Fetzer, Barbara Tanis circa 1940-1945
F. Esther Fortuine papers F. Esther (Florence Esther) Fortuine, 1886-1960 1917-1960 (bulk 1917-1919)
Victor Frühwald notebook and album Victor Frühwald, b. 1885. 1913-1930.
Donald Harter papers Donald Harter 1899-1998 (bulk 1970-1972)
David Webb Hodgkins papers David Webb Hodgkins, 1834-1898. 1820-1898 (bulk 1858-1870)
James Ramsay Hunt casebooks James Ramsay Hunt, 1875-1937. 1903-1937
Jean Ketcham Lominska Collection of Huntington Family papers Jean Ketcham Lominska, 1913-2010 1850-1985 (bulk 1858-1916).
George Huntington papers George Huntington, 1850-1916 1845-2000
William Jarvie papers William Jarvie, 1841-1921 ca. 1856-1918
John Kingsley Lattimer papers John Kingsley Lattimer, 1914-2007 1931-1996
Order book for clinical lectures on diseases of the throat and nose George Morewood Lefferts, 1846-1920. 1903
Maurice Lenz papers Maurice Lenz, 1890-1974. 1902-1977 (bulk, 1917-1970)
Maternity Center Association (New York, N.Y.) records Maternity Center Association 1907-2010 (bulk 1918-1995)
H. Houston Merritt papers H. Houston (Hiram Houston) Merritt, 1902-1979. 1917-1979
R. Bruce Gillie collection of North Family papers North, Charles E. 1890s-2018
Samuel Torrey Orton and June Lyday Orton papers Samuel Torrey Orton, 1879-1948 and June Lyday Orton, 1898-1977 1901-1977.
Anne Penland papers Anne Penland, 1885-1976 1852, 1914-1973
J. Lawrence Pool papers J. Lawrence (James Lawrence) Pool, 1906-2004. 1813-2002
History of social work at Presbyterian Hospital Elizabeth R. Prichard, 1915-2004. 1904-1980
Henry Alsop Riley papers Henry Alsop Riley, 1887-1966. 1908-1963 (bulk, 1928-1962)
Second General Hospital collection Second General Hospital 1942-1952
Aura E. Severinghaus papers Aura E. (Aura Edward) Severinghaus, 1894-1979 1910-1979
Margarita Silva-Hutner Medical Mycology Laboratory collection Margarita Silva-Hutner, 1915-2002 1929-1996 (bulk 1948-1988)
Arthur Purdy Stout papers Arthur Purdy Stout, 1885-1967 1885-1985
Visiting Nurse Service of New York records Visiting Nurse Service of New York 1889-2007 (bulk 1893-1983)
Maya Riviere Ward papers Maya Riviere Ward, 1908-1989 1890-1991
Jerome Pierce Webster papers Jerome Pierce Webster, 1888-1974 1545-1975 (bulk 1928-1974)
Jerome Pierce Webster patient photographs Jerome Pierce Webster, 1888-1974 circa 1921-1970 (bulk 1940-1970)
Maynard C. Wheeler papers Maynard C. Wheeler, 1903-1979 1903-1981
Allen Oldfather Whipple papers Allen Oldfather Whipple, 1881-1963 1912-2000 (bulk 1935-1964)
Theodore F. Wolfe photograph collection Theodore F. (Theodore Frelinghuysen) Wolfe, 1847-1915 ca.1860s-1870s
Helen Young papers Helen Young, 1874-1966 1948-1975
School of Nursing/Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, 1892-
Photograph album Columbia University. School of Nursing 1872-1942
College of Physicians & Surgeons in the City of New York / Columbia University Faculty of Medicine, 1807-
Department of Neurology Scrapbooks Columbia University. Department of Neurology 1917-1997
Neurological Institute of New York, 1909-
Historical collection Neurological Institute of New York 1917-1983.