James Ramsay Hunt casebooks


Records of patients seen by Hunt, approximately 4,219 cases dating from 1903 to 1937.  Each record has the patient's name, age, occupation, residence, diagnosis, as well as a medical history, which is often extensive. Also included may be laboratory results, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other printed material. There is a large amount of correspondence; while some is from patients, the bulk comes from referring physicians, family members, teachers, psychologists, and others involved in a particular case. The cases here appear to be Hunt's private patients.  Typical of early 20th century U.S. neurologists, Hunt’s practice included many patients who today would be under the care of a psychiatrist.

The records were originally housed in 30 case books: 29 volumes of cases and a one-volume name index. Because the volumes were so tightly bound that it was difficult to use them, Archives & Special Collections staff in 2012 unbound the volumes and filed each case in its own folder.  The 30 books were rehoused in 44 document boxes.


James Ramsay Hunt, 1875-1937.

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14.5 cubic feet (44 boxes)



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