John Call Dalton lecture memoranda books


Lecture notes and memoranda of John Call Dalton, Jr., professor of physiology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) in New York. One volume (71 p.) is entitled "Lecture memoranda made for his own use" and documents his lectures on the nervous system. According to a note in the volume by John G. Curtis, he received the volume directly from Dalton while Curtis was adjunct professor of physiology and hygiene at the College, meaning that it must date between 1875 - when Curtis joined the P&S faculty - and 1883 when Curtis succeeded Dalton as professor of physiology at P&S.

The second volume (82 p.) is untitled but includes Dalton's notes for his physiology lectures at P&S. Topics include the heart, lymphatic system, digestion, gastric juices, and other physiological processes. This is a copy made in 1875 by John G. Curtis from Dalton's notes.


John Call Dalton, 1825-1889.

Date [inclusive]: 

ca. 1875-1883.



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2 vols




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John Call Dalton Lecture memorandum books, Archives & Special Collections, Columbia University Health Sciences Library