Samuel Torrey Orton and June Lyday Orton papers


Papers of Samuel T. Orton and his wife, June Lyday Orton, pioneers in the treatment of persons with language disabilities.  Included are correspondence with colleagues, patients, and Orton family members; early records of the Orton Society (now the International Dyslexia Association); student records; printed articles and unpublished speeches; index cards documenting payment of fees and patient visits; photographs; and motion picture film.

Correspondents include Lauretta Bender, Katrina De Hirsch, Paul Dozier, Anna Gillingham, David Gow, Peter Gow, Diana King, Marion Monroe, Margaret B. Rawson, Roger E. Saunders, Beth H. Slingerland, William Howard Taft, Lloyd J. Thompson, and Lee Edward Travis.


Samuel Torrey Orton, 1879-1948 and June Lyday Orton, 1898-1977

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12 cubic feet (29 boxes, 6 card file boxes, 1 carton)



The Orton Papers contain references to individuals with learning disabilities throughout the entire collection. Researchers must guarantee not to publish the names or personally identifying information of those individuals with learning disabilities treated by the Ortons.

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Samuel Torrey and June Lyday Orton Papers, Archives & Special Collections, Columbia University Health Sciences Library.