Victor Frühwald notebook and album


Album and notebook kept by Frühwald during the lecture and surgical demonstration tours he gave in the United States in 1913, 1922-24, 1927-28, and 1930. Included are names and addresses of surgeons, many of whom presumably took his courses; 18 photographs of patients before and after operations and two portrait photographs; illustrations of plastic surgery operations from unidentified German-language texts; business cards of physicians; a clipping announcing Frühwald's course from the February 1928 issue of the Lehigh County Medical Bulletin (Allentown, PA); and notes and annotations, most likely in Frühwald's hand, listing attendees at courses, fees paid, etc.

Most of the names in the volume are of American surgeons; they are from every part of the country and many come from notably small towns. However, there are also names or business cards from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India and Russia.

With the volume were an undated review of Frühwald's Korrectiv-Kosmetische Chirurgie from an unidentified German-language publication, and a photocopy of his 1949 account of his arrest, conviction, and eventual acquittal on appeal of charges of participating in Nazi radio broadcasts in Austria in 1944.


Victor Frühwald, b. 1885.

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German, English.

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1 volume (76 leaves); 21 cm.



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