William H. Geddings casebooks


There are 998 cases contained in the volumes. Each case history lists patient's name, age, occupation, birthplace, marital status, complaint, and family history. Gedding's examinations include notations on weight, appetite, diet, color of sputum, hemoptysis, as well as results of percussion and auscultation. Occasionally included are letters from the patient's referring physician to Geddings. Although the entries rarely list a diagnosis, most of the patients Geddings saw were suffering from pulmonary diseases or tuberculosis.

Almost all the cases in these volumes date from the winter and early spring: Geddings moved his practice to New Hampshire in the summer. Most of the patients Geddings saw were Northerners. There are a few entries made by an unidentified physician post-dating Geddings' death in August 1892.


Wm. H. (William H.) Geddings, 1838-1892.

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